Management – meaningful effect on men and women to attain their targets. This notion is synonymous with a friendly and familiar to many the term “governance”. The subject from the influence of management can be not just individual personnel, but additionally formed a specific way a group of people or any organization as a whole. The content material and selection of activities and functions performed by the manage process depend on the kind of organization (business enterprise, administrative, military, social, etc.), from its size, the scope of activities, from the management level – hierarchy (larger average level, reduce level control) in the functions inside the organization (procurement, accounting, human sources, and so forth.) and a number of other factors.

Teresa Burns

Teresa has been working in the dental profession for eleven years and with Dr. John Conner for four years. She has various responsibilities within the practice. Teresa enjoys talking with the patients and getting to know them on a personal level. When not working, Teresa enjoys the outdoors, exercising and spending time with her family.